Posted on Jun 21, 2019


Golf Hypnosis for Success
Is it not true that when you arrive at the first tee, the ability to execute your best golf shot is within the realm of your MIND GAME? When only one stroke can make the difference between the exhilaration of winning and the agony of defeat, it only makes sense to possess the Mental Edge to Master the Mind Game. Dr. Silbert's educational background in nursing, therapy, and psychology has allowed her to understand and focus on the mind-body connection.
Dr. Silbert is the Founder and Mother of Golfology. Golfology is the science of golf peak performance in relation to the mind-body connection. Dr. Silbert has combined her experience as a competitive amateur golfer with her educational passion of understanding the individual psyche in relation to peak performance. Dr. Silbert understands and works with individuals to help them tap into their resources within their mind to stimulate and enhance physical performance

The Mental Edge in golf is the knowledge and the ability to effectively unleash the power from within and strengthen the mind-body connection in a physically and emotionally satisfying way. The idea is to enjoy the challenge and feel the excitement of doing your personal best to: “Shoot a Par, Personally, Professionally and on the golf course.
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